This was our inaugural program and included video projections,

fabric sculptures, lighting design and mise en scène.

(Photo by Gary Leonard during our concert at the LA Public Library)



D. Shostakovich – String Quartet N. 8

J. J. Colomer – Largo

G. Mahler – Symphony N. 4 (Stein/Schöenberg ensemble version)



Our team for the production was:

Ignazio Terrasi – Conductor & Music Director

Carolina Angulo – Artistic Director

Alisa Lapidus – Video Projections

Swinda Reichelt – Costume Designer & Fabric Sculptures

Marcelo Mitnik – Soundscapes Script & Mise en scène

Rachel Levy – Lighting Designer

Jennifer Taylor Lawrence – Actress ( V.O.)

David Atwood – Actor (V.O.)

Francesco Perlangeli – Sound designer


The promo video on our site was recorded with this program during our inaugural concerts, March 21st & 22nd, 2012, at  LA Artcore